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2007 - Second Annual "Week-end" Reunion


More information coming.  Like numbers and who.

Greetings:  Well we set a record, there were two trailers at Camp Siefkas.  We would like more next year.  Yes!!! The reunion will once again be at the Larry Siefkas farm for 2008.  Saturday and Sunday, October 4th & 5th, 2008.  Mark your calendars NOW!!!  Larry's only lament was ... he wants more little kids to come, the young families to see where their roots are. 

Except for a couple of showers Sunday morning the weather was great.  Even a bit on the warm side, but for those camping on the hill the temps were not bad and the breeze wonderful.  The sunrise was beyond description.  The stars to be seen were awesome. 

Saturday morning started with a breakfast of sausage and pancakes and YUMMY sweet cinnamon rolls.  Lots of talking and sharing of pictures, games and "mule" rides on Bob's 4-wheeler to see acres of corn, beans and Christmas Trees.  I bet you didn't know Larry raises Christmas Trees and you can come and cut your own.  I didn't, but I do now.  Seriously.  Siefkas Christmas Trees can be had for your own enjoyment. 

Before you hardly got breakfast under the belt, it was time for lunch.  Four types of hot sandwiches and all the "snacks" to go with them ... and of course desert goodies.   More chatting, rides to be had and new arrivals to add to the group.  More hug, more pictures, more Siefkas' family members.   Straw hats were available for those who came and a pencil that has the "Siefkas Reunion 2007" written on it.  Darn I gave mine away.  :-( 

We had "newbies" that came from Colorado and some of Albert's family who came after having visited the website.  I was great to know that it is being used. 

Before we knew it, Larry was bringing down the hay wagon complete with hay for the 2nd Annual wagon ride to the "Siefkas" Family Homestead upper pasture with a view of the surrounding farms.  The weather cooperated, very few if any bugs bothered, the fire was lit for cooking hotdogs and the chili pot had been simmering over a hole in the ground for a bit of time.  If anyone left the reunion hungry, it was not due to lack of food.  THANK YOU.   The only thing missing was last years full moon to light the hill side.  However,  music and a sing along was added this year, and I'm sure will be even better next year. 

Sunday arrived rainy, but not cold.  By about halfway through lunch the rain had stopped and the garage doors were opened to expand the seating area and knock down the noise. 

Thank you to those who brought pictures and let Lew scan them and for those who added information to the Siefkas Data Base which has been updated on the Families page.

During the business meeting it was decided that it is best for those hosting and the family farmers to hold the reunion the first week-end of October.  The Methodist Church in Lacelle is having a fund raiser for buying pews for the church.  A fund for a Siefkas Pew has been established and may be contributed to if you wish.  The hat was passed for taking up a collection for continuing the website to be taken care of by Linda.  Next year the breakfast and lunch will be combined and a BRUNCH will be served at 11:00 am. 

A FAMILY REUNION picture was taken on Sunday.  I will post it as soon as I have a copy of it.  For those who have those pictures .... help!!!

Please make every effort to join us next year.  Come for the weekend.  There are several ponds for fishing, trails to walk, stories to hear and fun to be had.  Bring your tent, trailer or camper and join me at CAMP SIEFKAS. 

Linda Shanks, 2007



Saturday morning sunrise -
Camp Siefkas. 


Hay Ride and a parade of cars following.





Saturday night sunset -
Siefkas Farm

Breakfast - Camp Siefkas

There is a story here

Waiting on those of us who are getting off the hay rack.  We're coming.

More Pictures

Frank and Etta's Trunk from Germany

Frank and Etta's Tea warmer

Lacelle Church

Siefkas family at Lacelle Methodist

Alvin Siefkas, Colorado - Oldest Siefkas present

Bad Billy Treasure Hunt

Site of Siefkas School

Englebert and Iola's Home

View from the Saturday evening Chili Supper

Soup's almost ready. 

Family Reunion Photo ... up the hill. 

Load 'em up ... heading out. 




2006 - First Siefkas "Weekend" Reunion. 

Fran and Larry

Todd and Jeremy

The stone says:
Frank "F" Siefkes
however he signs his name
Frank Siefkas on all the papers.
The "R" has been changed to
"F" in the data base. 

Hill side location of the sod hut of William and Zella "Zet" Siefkas. 

Chuck Wagon Stew - Yummm

Ride that Mule... yeeeahhhaaa

Checking out the family genealogy

Camp Siefkas

Click here for the  2006 Photo Album - All the pictures

2006 Siefkas Reunion

Fran and Larry Siefkas hosted the 2006 reunion at their farm in Clarke County, Iowa on October 7 & 8, 2006. 

A Saturday morning breakfast kicked off the event successfully with more than 30 people present. 

Yard games were set up for both kids and adults.  Football and volleyball were played and  carnival games of chance were played by purchasing 6 tickets for one dollar to help defray the cost of  website.  One could also purchase a ride on the "Mule" to tour the farm which consisted a ride that took about 1/2 hour.  You could also buy a "walking stick" made of local Siefkas wood, hedge balls and buck-eyes. 

Picture albums were present and Linda had a table full of posters with all the family names listed.  Corrections and additions to the family was made all weekend. 

At 5:00 the Hay Rack Ride began with two wagons, pickups and cars following for a tour of the Siefkas Farms in the area including several homesteads.  The first stop was the Lacelle Cemetery for a look at Frank and Etta's head stone.  Etta's brother is also located there.  One stop included a trip back into a field where the spot/location of a sod house once was located for William "Bill" and "Zet" Siefkas who made there home there.  It is also reported by Bud and shown by Bob that this is where Sophia was born.  The hill side would have been deeper as seen in the picture as silt has filled in the area and it is farmed.  A highway stop at Lacelle was included and farms were pointed out of John & Daisy Siefkas and Clyde & Minnie Siefkas. The trip ended at Todd's farm up on the hill north and west of Bud's house.  A good view could be seen of the farm and surround area with timber behind.  A wonderful "chuck wagon" stew was served, hot dogs were roasted and many other goodies loaded the table.  A full moon rose in the eastern sky to light the hill side.  It was a fine way to end the day.

Most went home, but six people camped at the "Siefkas Camp" site next to the farm pond at Larry's.   It was a beautiful location to relax and drink hot cider and fix the final snack of the evening ... "smor's.   About a dozen fish were taken from the pond totally by those who fished.   

On Sunday morning, John took some of the kids to Sunday School in Murray and those who wished could attend church at Lacelle. 

The "official" reunion started gathering about 11:30 am. Sunday.  Meatloaf and cherry cobbler were cooked in Dutch ovens over charcoal and family recipes filled three tables to overflowing.  If anyone left hungry it was their own fault.  More games were played, more family albums were gone through and a short meeting was held. 

By unanimous vote the Siefkas Reunion for 2007 will remain at the Larry Siefkas Farm.  The weekend will remain the same as always ... the weekend of the second Sunday of October.   The website will remain in place hosted by Linda and paid for by funds raised at the reunion.  The hat was passed to help Larry defray costs of the reunion.  Additional costs included this year was a Portapotty placed next to the back yard.  (Good idea.)   A reception tent for setting up in the yard could be made available if needed for bad weather, which would also add to the cost but make for extra cover if needed. 

The Bad Billy Treasure hunt was a hit with the youngsters.  A hayrack ride to "Treasure Island" where the story was told.  It is said that a cache of pennies was hidden by Bad Billy a hundred years ago and whenever it rains pennies wash out and can be found only in the creek bed.  Plastic zip lock bags were provided the little treasure hunters and from the road to the house pennies were picked up.  Laura was the winner with 559 pennies.  All got to keep what they found. Read the story about "Bad Billie.

All in all it was a great reunion, but some folks were missed!!! 

Some traveled from afar, such as Florida and California (Italy was mentioned with the California travelers.)  

There was a lot of work to put this together to make it a success.  Larry and Fran are volunteering to continue to do this and other close by family members helped with the vehicles, wagons, hay, Saturday breakfast and supper.  Be sure to let them know you appreciated it and volunteer to help next year.  Let's fill "Camp Siefkas" with trailers and tents and add a few more motel rooms to Saturday night's stay.  You won't regret it.

See you next year.   

The following people signed the guest book and were at the reunion some time during the weekend, if not both days. 

Larry & Fran Siefkas
Bud & Jeannie Siefkas
Pam, Lou & Tyler Roberts
Bob & Marilyn Siefkas        
Dale, Cindy, Andrew & Eric Hamer
Kenane Donna Stielow        
Jeane & Lew (Dick) Kearney
Doris Tompkins               
Karen Rech & 2 girls        
Kathi Gaumer                 
Jeremy Gaumer             
Todd Siefkas, Amy, Zac, & Jake   
Don & Connie Huff             
Carolyn K. Robinson
Leonard Wolfe                   
Aldene Morgan                  
Bob Fuller
Ronald Kiser
Mellony Jameson,
Linda Shanks  
Kayla Peterson, Ryan, Kelsie
Cas Siefkas                 
Jesse Siefkas
Bill & Trudy Claypool
Ken & Charlene Harrison
Garth & Diane Siefkas    
Cheryl & Jim Holland & 3 Grandkids    
Darrell & Linda Reynolds      
Chris & Susan Siefkas, Gregory and Katerina 
Dave & Barb Houston         
Jeff & Geneva Harrison      
Steven Siefkas    
Leonard & Mary Siefkas 
Joyce Hoespker        
Bill Siefkas  
Connie Wahl 
Rocky Roberts
Jeff Siefkas and Laura  
Elma Wilson
Allison Kay Kendall

It is known that there were others there because these numbers do not reflect the guests present.  If your name is spelled wrong, I apologize, some handwriting was difficult for Barbara to read.  If you attended and wish to be added to this list, please contact Linda.


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