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Letter from Jeane

Dear Linda,
This is in regard to the picture on the web site that has names written on it.  I have a copy of the picture that is not a good one.  However, one of the first Siefkas reunions we came to in Murray someone had that picture. I couldn't get my camera to work to copy it.   I just don't remember who it was, as I still don't know all the people who are at the reunions.  Beverly and Gerald Fuller said they had a better picture than I had.  Beverly had this information about that picture:
"This picture was taken about 1908 - 1909 just north and a little west of the Lacelle Store, northeast of the Methodist Church.  Grandma Siefkas lived in a little old house that used to be there.  The old well is still there.  The old Jake May house is in the background of the picture.  It is just back of the Lacelle road, west and north of the store.
In back:  Bert (Englebert) holding Grace and Iola holding Helen;  Hannah and Remington; Daisy and John holding Verlin; Fred with broad hat; Minnie; William and Zela; Annie; Sophie
In front:  Clyde, Walter, Florence - Jake's wife; Willis and Elsie - Jake's children; George, Etta, Henry behind-Virgil, Nellie, Carl, Grandma in chair, Ralph; Margaret; Charlie
Albert oldest son in family is dead by this time
Jake youngest son in family dead by this time
Mabel, Dortha and Tom hadn't been born yet
Albert and Jake (so Henry Siefkas says) are both buried at Lacelle."
I don't know the author of this message or when it was written or if the well is still there.  I haven't researched the accuracy.  It does match the message that my Mother (Dortha) had written as to the people in the picture.
Thanks for all your work.

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