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An Incredible Find

In June, 2010 our grand son Remington Siefkas, along with his little brother Colton, his girl friend Missy Kerr and her little brother Andrew, stopped in at our house. 

Remington wanted to know if I had a net they could use to catch some minnows.  They were on their way down to Long Creek which runs through what used to be my Great Grandparents, Frank & Etta Siefkas' farm.  I didn't  have a net for them but they went down to the creek anyway. 

Later on in the day they stopped back by our house with this story and their amazing find. 

We had a lot of rain this spring, so 2 or 3 times Long Creek had been running bank full.  However at this time the water level was down to a small stream.  The four of them were walking under the bridge that leads to the old Siefkas farm.  Missy looked down and saw something shiny in the mud.  Colton reached down and picked it up and gave it to Remington  He wiped it off and discovered that it was an old I.D. bracelet.  After a little more cleaning he was able to read the first letters C h a of the first name and the last letters kas of the last name. 

Remington  asked me if I had any idea who it might have belonged to.  I said that would have to have been Charlie Siefkas' bracelet and he died in 1935. 

This means that the bracelet has been lying on the farm for close to 100 years, depending on what age Charlie was when he lost it. 

That night we got another heavy rain and once again Long Creek ran bank full.  I'm sure that after that the bracelet would have been gone forever.

I told Remington that he knew Charlie's son, Darrell Siefkas because they go to the same church, the Murray Church of Christ.  Remington decided that the best thing to do with the bracelet was to give it to Darrell.  So on Father's day at church he presented it to him.  It was the first time I ever saw Darrel at a loss for words

I thought this was incredible, that after being lost for nearly 100 years, the bracelet would be found by another Siefkas.

If you come to the Siefkas reunion Saturday and Sunday at our house, you will be able to se the bracelet.  I'm sure Darrell will want to show it to everyone. 

Larry and Fran Siefkas

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