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2011 Reunion Photos  - David Siefkas

 These pictures are "thumb nails" in order to reduce the file size.  If you want to see the original, click on the thumbnail.  The originals are what came from the camera and are downloadable and printable.  They are fairly high is resolution so I would recommend saving to your computer and printing them in groups of 4 such as 3x5 or so.   

On Road for a Siefkas Tour

Fall Landscape on tour

One of many Siefkas Markers

Site of John F Siefkas former home

Debris pile of former  home.


Bridge back to the Homestead farm

More of the Homestead farm

Marker and Pictures of the Sawmill location

One of the riding trails from the Saw Mill site

Part of the marker Information

Looking at Daisy's weather Rock

Daisy's Weather Rock explained

Daisy's Weather Rock Garden

Bob, Fran, Linda, Linda & Larry

Beautiful Fall Display

The Live Cycle

Hay ride Tour ... and followers

Saw Mill Site

Field near the Canyon

A little chat time

Awaiting Dinner

Next to the Canyon for dinner

Let's eat.

Where's the hot dogs? 


Good to have lights on that vehicle. 


View from Larry's Patio


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