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2006 Reunion Photos

Taken with two cameras and therefore in order by camera not event.  These pictures are "thumb nails" in order to reduce the file size.  If you want to see the original, click on the thumbnail.  The originals are what came from the camera and are downloadable and printable.  They are fairly high is resolution so I would recommend saving to your computer and printing them in groups of 4 such as 3x5 or so.   

"Mule" ride around the farm

Baby bale

Papa bale
isit Stop at John Siefkas farmstead. 

Hayrack ride, stop at John Siefkas farmstead

Chuck wagon party at Bud's
Previous pictures taken by

Bob Siefkas

Following pictures taken by

Linda Shanks

A special guest
Hayrack ride tour to cemetery and Siefkas Farms.

Cars and trucks too

Lacelle Cemetary


Sunset with a couple of Siefkases

William Siefkas' sod house location - 100 years ago.

End of the trail for the Hay Rack Ride.

Come and get it!!!

Pictures do lie.  The flame in this picture was really no higher than the one above.  A heat surprise. 


Ride back with a dusty camera

Moon and tree branch.

Tent door view - east

Tent Door view - south

Sun Rise

Get that hook in the water.

Camp Siefkas hill

Fishing finally

Trailer and Tent

"Bad Billy" Treasure Hunt

Read the "Story of
"Bad Billy"


Winner of the "Bad Billy" Treasure Hunt - Laura with 559 pennies.

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